Lowman Loop: We took Warm Springs and Hill Rd to Hwy 55 then north to Banks, and east to Crouch for lunch. Onwards to Lowman then stopped in Idaho City on way home. ~155 miles.

Longhorn Restaurant: Grumbler, Russ, Barbara, and Syanne at the Longhorn Restaurant & Saloon in Crouch for lunch.

Payette River: South Fork Payette River east of Garden Valley.

Payette River: Close-up of East Fork Payette River.

Payette River: Big Fall at East Fork Payette River.

Lowman: East Fork Payette River facing west from Lowman bridge.

Lowman: Grumbler chilling below the Lowman bridge by river.

Lowman: Russ & Syanne Cole of San Jose, CA on Lowman bridge facing east.

Idaho City: Russ and Grumbler with cold ones at Harley's Pub.

Idaho City: Main drag by Diamond Lil's Restaurant & Saloon.

Idaho City: Another view of main drag by Diamond Lil's.

Idaho City: Grumbler & Barbara by the famed Clutter House.

Idaho City: Russ parked his FXDT by this historic sign for a pic.

High Desert: Russ stopped to take this pic of the high desert region with snowcapped mountains to the west along US-95 between Jordan Valley and Winnemucca while riding solo from Boise to Reno.